All the latest updates, improvements, and fixes.

v1.5.0Homepage got updated!

  • Added Features Section on Homepage.
  • Added Open Source Section on Homepage.
  • Added About Page.
  • Added Projects Page in Dashboard.
  • and many more improvements and bug fixes.

v1.4.0Added Intercepting Signin route and more

v1.3.0Added Passwordless Auth and more

  • Updated Shadcn/ui lib to the latest version.
  • Added Magic Links Auth for registered users.
  • Fix opengraph image path issue.
  • Added Changelog Page using Contentlayer.
  • Added PWA Support.

v1.2.0Added New Settings page and more

  • Integrated React Hook Form & Zod to manage form state and validation.
  • Used Server Actions to handle form submission.
  • Integrated UploadThing to upload image effortlessly.
  • Added Custom Upload Image Component with dark mode support.

v1.1.0Added Welcome Mail for new users

v1.0.0Introducing ChadNext

I have created ChadNext to help developers build and deploy their ideas quickly. I didn't find any template combining all of these together. That's why I connected the dots and made ChadNext.